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Since the first time we walked in the woods together, this husband and wife team seeks to express our love for the outdoors, trees, and recycling through these finished pieces. We have experienced many outdoor adventures, which include Maine's coastline, ancient oak forests of South Carolina, Yosemite and Rocky Mountain National Parks, and the dark maple woods of northern Michigan.

We strive to create finished pieces using reclaimed or naturally fallen wood. Within our workshop, hand tools including (but not limited to) chisels, hand planes, rip/crosscut saws, and hand scrapers help minimize the carbon footprint. Check out the blog to understand how and why this is important to Reckhaus, and thank you for visiting us!

Our Rating System

🌲🌲🌲🌲 = Hand Tools Only with All-Natural Finishes

🌲🌲🌲 = Hand Tools Only, Sand Paper, and All-Natural Finishes

🌲🌲 = Power Tools and Hand Tools, Sand Paper, and All-Natural Finishes

🌲 = Power Tools, Sand Paper, and Chemical-based Finishes


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Hand Scrappers


Hand Tools,
Natural Finishes, 
and Smoothing

Reckhaus uses hand tools to make most of the products features on this website. We also enjoy Tenon and Cross-Cut saws for precision cuts and jointery. Hand Scrapping is key for making super smooth wood while reducing waste. Sand Paper is used on several pieces, but whenever possible, hand scrapping is preferred. Our Natural Finishes feature Organic Walnut Oil and Beeswax.. just like how the Vikings use to do it. Tung Oil also is used, but if you have a preferred finish, do not hesitate to email




We also refinish wood.

Do you have a old piece of furniture, and you want the look to return to a natural look? Reckhaus can do that. Whether it is old paint that does not work with the interior designer's vision or a finishing stain that doesn't work with the wood grain, through a labor of love and eco-friendly refinishing techniques, our shop will bring new life into your furniture. 


Look for more photos of this dresser, once completed. It will be finished with  a technique used in Denmark and other Northern European countries that features soap!


Send us an email, lets communicate about it –

“Precision Cuts With a Great Finish"

Tom Daniel, Chicago


I am...

a woodsman who loves Mother Nature; and a promoter of a healthy earth, a happy lifestyle, and being a partner with the natural world. Trees are part of this world, and all products featured on this website come from naturally fallen trees or from private land where a new tree is planted in its place. When not working in the woodshop, I am hiking in the woods, being a happy arborist.